Treat Your Band Like a Business!

You’ve heard this before, right? Probably all too many times. Typically, what do you think of when someone says “you need to treat your band like a business?” Many will say investing in better gear, taking rehearsals seriously, saving gig money for recording…and all of those are correct answers. Where bands and artists often miss the mark is in their online presence. Who handles social media? Which platforms are you posting on? Is the message consistent? Does it have a purpose? Do you have a website?

Why Does a Band Need a Website?

We have social media, I can just put all my stuff out there, right? Well, sure, you could, but that limits a band/artist in a variety of ways, including how you gain new fans, how your fans connect with you, and how you can monetize your band (Brand?)

You, as an artist or band, have a unique opportunity to connect with new people by creating a strategic digital marketing plan that includes both social media and a website. One without the other will limit your opportunity to grow. Look to the bands and artists that you admire and/or are successful. Most of them have a strong online presence for a reason.

Great, I Can Build a Site on My Own Now with…

Yes, you can build a great looking site with certain services. Once it is built, will you know what to do with it? What are the next steps to get people engaged on your site? Are you running a campaign to market a new release or a big show? Is it consistently up to date and running?

This Post Has More Questions Than Answers.

It does, the goal being to get you thinking about how you truly want to approach your online presence…because if you are serious about making music a career, it’s important.

How Can Blue Mosaic Marketing Solutions Help?

I began designing websites about 20 years ago because of being a musician. My experience as a musician along with web design, sales, and marketing all together are at my musician client’s disposal. Furthermore, I know being a musician also equates to not making a lot of money early on. I have special pricing for bands and artists including a plan that doesn’t require an upfront payment for a website.

So, let’s talk about your music project and how we can work together.


Blue Mosaic Marketing Solutions Helping Bands Act Like Small Businesses Online

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