Finding the Voice of Blue Mosaic Web Design

I’m one of those people who have a million thoughts running through my mind at any given moment. I’m constantly tweaking ideas, perfecting them. It makes me think of the great composers (of which I am not), but more about their mindset. Mozart would write furiously and just rip it out, the original “one and done.” Bach was painstakingly precise and deliberate, making sure everything was perfect before he put a note on the staff. Beethoven constantly had to improve on his ideas, his genius took time and work and effort.


Now let me be 100% clear, I am not comparing myself to these musical genii (the plural of genius…who knew), I’m illustrating the point of which camp I fall into. As much as I wish I was a Bach or a Mozart, I’m a Beethoven type. Constantly tweaking ideas, thinking, and then thinking again.


One of my challenges is finding the voice, the tone, of Blue Mosaic. It’s part creative, part technical, it’s a lot of hard work, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be humor. My point is as I communicate through here and social media, it is all a work in progress. One day I’ll have a more consistent tone perhaps, in the meantime I hope you like this almost stream of consciousness thing I have going on.

So, which one are you?  A Mozart, Bach, or Beethoven…leave it in the comments and let’s discuss.

Here is a quick playlist I put together on Spotify of songs that have been in my head.


Disclaimer: Although a Music major in college, these descriptions are based on my remembrance of a class I took 20+ years ago and not strict music scholarship with detailed proof of such claims.  In other words…don’t use this as a source for a paper in your music appreciation class.

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