Email Marketing is Tough!

If an email doesn’t catch the reader’s attention within a few seconds, it typically goes straight to the trash bin, or if they’re like me, it sits in my inbox forever. This past week I sent out a marketing email to a group of attorneys regarding my services. Let’s breakdown what I did and how I was able to get four times the normal amount of people to open this email.


What’s the Open Rate Average for Marketing?

According to Mailchimp, the industry open rate average for marketing is roughly 12.4%. Within the first couple of hours, I had tripled that number. By the end of the day, it got to four times the industry average.


The Backstory

I am based in the Panama City, Florida area. In October, we were all severely impacted by Hurricane Michael. In the aftermath, businesses are trying to regroup and get back to business as fast as possible. Luckily enough, and I use that term with some trepidation, I worked with a law firm that got up and running within the week after the storm. As my work there ended, I thought about how I could capitalize on that experience and move forward.


A Compelling Headline for The Reader

I decided to reach out to similar businesses (law firms) to advertise my services. Knowing that attorneys are typically swamped with work and email sometimes has to take a backseat, I thought I better make this headline good. As I worked on this plan, I decided there are three things the headline should have:

`1. The Headline is Timely

Knowing all businesses in the area were impacted massively, I didn’t use any vague terms. I stated directly that this was related to Hurricane Michael.

2. Named One of Their Competitors Being Successful

Let’s face it, most of us have a desire to know what the other guy is doing. Providing a little competitor intelligence, that doesn’t go against any NDAs (non-disclosure agreements), can pique a potential clients interest.

3. Mentioned that I Played a Role in that Success

Obviously, I’m marketing my services to potential new clients. I want them to know that I played a role in helping a similar business be successful. I actually didn’t do this in the headline though. I did it in the Preview Text…part 2 of this blog will discuss that and more.


What Was the Headline?

The headline simply stated “How Did The ___ Law Firm Get Up and Running So Fast After Hurricane Michael?”


The Results

I know that I already stated that I beat my industry average by 4X. Proof is in the pudding though, so here is a screenshot from the Mailchimp report

The Wrap-Up

If you’re looking for a digital marketing strategist who can think on their feet and come up with creative opportunities for your business to be a success, shoot me an email at

– Matt

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