This Post is Performing 95% Better Than Other Posts

Your Facebook Post is Performing 95% Better Than Your Other Posts

If you have a Facebook page, you likely have a received a notification at some point that says “your post is performing 95% better than other posts. Boost it for $20 to reach X number of people.” Have you ever wondered how Facebook determines that? Me too!

Do a search for Facebook and dopamine and you’ll see several results that discuss the connection between Facebook likes and similar notifications causing a dopamine rush to the brain. How exciting it must be to see a post performing well! It gets you to thinking that maybe you should take their advice and spend some money on that post and increase its reach. After all, that post IS performing better than 95% of your other posts.

…Except It’s Not!

I noticed on my Facebook page and several client pages that I manage receiving this message on posts that don’t really seem to be receiving much engagement, so I decided to look at the Insights.





The post from 6:51 PM is the one that I received the notification on. Meanwhile, the post from 9:14 AM has much further reach and engagement.

Why Facebook Why?

My assessment, Facebook is simply trying to generate revenue. (I’m sure they have some way in which they can justify that a post is performing better if someone causes a big enough stink legally). When you look at the numbers of reach and engagement though, it simply doesn’t make sense.

Should We Spend on Facebook?

Facebook Sponsored Ads are part of a viable social media marketing campaign. Purchases should be strategic and not because Facebook is telling you to.

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