No, Not That Car…

It would be nice though, I imagine.  I’m not really a “car guy” per se.  I like a good looking car, but ultimately for me, they are about getting me from point A to point B.  So, I’m cool with my 08′ Impala, bad headlight and all.

But I Thought You Fixed It?

I did, and being not that good with cars, I wanted to make sure I knew exactly how to do it because I didn’t want to pay $50 to have a mechanic do it and I knew it was a relatively easy task.  So, I took to Youtube and typed in something like “how to change a headlight on an 08 Impala.”  Who knew there would be so many videos about this simple task?  Seriously though, go check it out for yourself, it’s almost comical.  The video I used turned out to be pretty funny, I changed the headlight successfully…the end.

That’s it…the End?

For the headlight part of this story, yes, done!  It got me thinking about the whole DIY movement and how it applies to web design.  As one potential client said to me “maybe I’ll just use…(insert name of a DIY web design company that rhymes with the word sticks).”  I may have scoffed, I think I scoffed, maybe I just scoffed internally?  Companies like that do a great job of selling convenience, cost, and of course that do-it-yourself self-determination thing that I really do love.


Did You Just Promote A Competitor?

I guess I did, and that’s OK.  For a simple task, like changing a car headlight, the DIY thing is great.  If you have a business, a brand, then a website does not fall under the relatively easy task category.  From a design perspective, they handle much of the things you need to know as a designer such as color theory, typography, etc.  So, you could likely end up with a great looking site.  The challenge there is that you are limited in what you can do from a design perspective.  It’s bowling with those kiddie bumper thingies so you don’t get a gutter.  With bumpers though, you’ll never hit a 7-10 split.

Dude, Way Too Many Analogies…

I know, it’s a thing I’m working on.  To hit the 7-10 split, your ball has to be a little over the gutter.  Bumpers, in this analogy, is the customization a site needs to stand out.  It’s not just design though.  Behind the scenes (under the hood, if you will) is the engine of that website.  There is a technical aspect to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that simply cannot be changed with these DIY sites (again, kiddie bumpers).  There are tools not at your disposal to speed up how your website loads on the backend.  These are all things, you want available for your business website.

I Think(?) That I Follow Your Point…

Personal websites, seeing if you like design, great, go for it.  You have a relatively easy task with minimal risk.  Go for the “company that rhymes with sticks” or similar service.

Business and brand websites,  no longer a relatively easy task with minimal risk.  It’s now a project that should include strategy and planning before execution.  It should have the customization capabilities that can improve performance and SEO.  Finally, you aren’t in the business of web design (unless you’re a web designer, then carry on).  If you go the DIY route and build a site, as the myriad of other business issues, responsibilities, and growth come, you will not be able to give the site the attention it needs.

This is Where I Promote Blue Mosaic

 If you own a business that is looking to develop a website that is designed to strategically focus on your business goals, please give me a call at 512-953-3988 or email at

Also, give me some feedback in the comments below.  What’s your thoughts on the topic?  Did this blog make you laugh, think, groan with indifference?  Is the shameless plug too salesy?


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